Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm still kicking!

...but barely. 

So here's the deal: no, I am not dead. 
I know it's been a while (actually a week) since I blogged. 
Here's why:
  1. We are no longer allowed to upload pictures from the Centre, because our internet here is terrible. They say if everyone uploads pictures, then it stops working. So, if I want to blog, I have to set aside a long time to go to McDonalds or Burger King or something to knock out their internet instead.
  2. I haven't had much to blog about.  Finals are Wednesday and Thursday this week, and the pressure is on hard-core.  We have projects, reading, studying, and all that jazz to do.  Hence, everyone has been up until like 2 in the morning every night, getting practically no sleep, and NOT leaving the Centre.  Literally, today I left only to get gelato after a long day of homework.  Yesterday, I left only to go to church.  Saturday, I went to Brighton!! (That was my break. And I do need to blog about that. It was amazing.)  Friday, I left only to go on a walk.  You get the point.
  3. Going along with #2 about not having any time, I have been studying.  And writing.  And other fun stuff like that.  Alllllll theeee timeeeeee.  Woo. Hoo.
Anyway, tomorrow is a "reading day". 
Aka: study day.
But, I am going to wake up at like 5:30 and go to Abbey Road (so that there aren't too many cars and tourists) and the program is paying for us to have high tea tomorrow at Kensington Palace! That will be a good break from studying for a bit and tomorrow should be a good(ish) day. 

At any rate, I am going to try and do a real blog tomorrow.  With pictures and everything.
...We'll see if I can make it to the BK Lounge.
I'm not promising anything.

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