Wednesday, August 31, 2011

restless-- in more ways than one.

blah blah blogging.
you know what?!
i feel slightly guilty when i don't blog... which is funny, because, while i like to tell myself that a precious few people do read this blog, i can also be honest, and say that i do it essentially for personal (and probably narcissistic) reasons.

-so left out of the Y-club.. wahhhhh.
-awkward moments=the best moments or awkward moments=the worst moments.
-loved "the busiest time of my life."
-the curse of having a writer's mind. {2:06 am?!}
-handwritten letters with an old friend.
-longing for the simplicity of a big city.
-sometimes... q33zxcmjhiygtf74d5dxfgvbikomojhgv
-perfecting my doodling (and "tattooing") skills.
-craving intellectualism.
-incredibly sick of the radio...
-any suggestions for amazing, new music?
-a long day in a library, or a walk in the park-- either will do.
-does anyone have a mango i can eat?
-must. go. to. neon. trees. concert. saturday. {anyone wanna join?... no, seriously.}

(sorry for the annoyingly long list... see #4)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

one month later...

"I need another story-- something to get off my chest.
My life gets kind of boring-- need something that I can confess..."
oh, onerepublic, why are you so wise?
my lack of blogging lately stems from the fact that my life is, actually, pretty boring at the moment.  i've got school&work&school&work&nopicturesofourbuddingscottsdalesociallife.
so, ya know. 

anyway, here's a few {updated} pics of our super cute fantastic dontyoudarecallitghettobecauseweloveit apartment!
{obviouslyimlovingruntogetherwordstoday. i hope someone else can read them besides me.}
{shout out to rachel&ang for these beauties ^}

we like to think we live on our own, but lets be honest:
75% of our groceries come from our parents houses, my mom just helped me finish hanging the artwork, our parents helped us move in and provided the furniture... you get the point.
props to them.