Sunday, March 27, 2011

color color color

80s nightthis thing (festival of colors) = 1 very colorful, extremely fun weekend

sorry if this post is a little picture heavy, but let's just say no amount of pictures can accurately describe how awesome the festival was.
oh, and guess what else?
i went crowdsurfing.
do you know that crowdsurfing is {was} on my list of things to do before i died?
heck. yeah.
(how we looked by the time we got there)

(before we had even opened our chalk...)
(getting chalkier...)
(before i lost my shoe crowdsurfing)
(after the throwing)
(dont ask me how, but i had a full rainbow in my hair. red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.)

despite the fact that large chunks of my hair are still purple, my nails are pink, i inhaled a ridiculous amount of chalk, and i ruined a set of clothing, i'll definitely be back for holi krishna next year!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

new hobby?

do you have any idea how legit last night was?
probably not.
because we went paintballing.
we were supposed to go with a big group, but everyone else ditched out... we went anyway.

i'm not gonna lie, when we showed up at paintball addicts in salt lake, i was somewhat terrified.
it was in a sketchy warehouse amidst loading docks on dark backroad...
not to mention the fact that everyone else there was super hardcore and looked about like this:

yes, i am talking body armor, extra canisters of paintballs, full body uniforms, laser pointers... you name it.
(dont worry, we were wearing baggy sweats and old jeans from DI)

but, once we got going, it was so much fun.
talk about an adrenaline rush!
plus, i discovered that i'm actually a pretty good shot:]

i may be covered in bruises and welts, but it was beyond worth it...
be jealous.
anyone wanna go?:]

Monday, March 14, 2011

here comes the sun

let's be honest...
its super cruel of byu not to give us a spring break.

i know, i know. we get out in the middle of april.
but i'd be very much okay {read: happy} with getting out in the end of april, if we had a spring break.
everyone's traveling to warm, beachy places like california and mexico, and we're stuck in provo.

although(unlike byu), provo's been kind lately.
i think utah knows that byu is being quite rude to its students, and is trying hard to make up for it.
the weather here has changed from cold and snowy to warm and sun-shiney.
the high tomorrow is even 59 degrees!
...and 59 basically means 60, which is practically 65, which is only 10 away from 75, which is kinda warm!

tomorrow, i think i'll take a lovely little nap in the grass and soak up some sun.
yes, that sounds lovely.
(i just decided.)
i can't wait for summer. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

"we'll never fredette"

last saturday, i was a part of something amazing:
the last byu basketball home game.
(of byu's best basketball season ever)
it was incredible.
people camped for days- tents went nearly all the way around the marriott center
the atmosphere was indescribable
byu brought breakfast to all those waiting in line early saturday morning
senior videos for jimmer fredette, jackson emery, and logan magnusson + "drop the sheets" introduction
face paint
insane student section
many-a "you got jimmered" (and other) chants
massive student section flash mob dance (during a random time out)
lots of emotion (i almost cried when they took out jimmer and jackson at the end)
we killed wyoming with 100+ points...
and won the mountain west conference
confetti everywhere
awards, cutting down the net, mwc trophy, speeches, and lots of love all around.

(2 images above borrowed from kara)
(yes, they let brandon davies participate! the crowd showed him mad love and cheered just as loud for him as they did for jimmer!)
(you can't even see the upper bowl here! this was possibly one of the coolest things ive ever done.)

good luck in the tournament boys... we you!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

i've got the (bieber) fever.

i used to be a hater.
until i saw never say never 3D director's fan cut edition last night.
(including 40 mins of new material, more star power, and another dimension added in.)
its now safe to say im a bona-fide belieber.
it was really so good.  i never realized how talented and cool and lovable he is!:] i laughed (nearly to tears-- the snoop dog/hair interview?! hilarious), got chills, and kept finding myself smiling stupidly at the screen for no reason.  let's just say its an ultimate feel good movie.

and yes, the end kind of (really) made my day.  let's just say we got into it. 

i'm in love.
p.s. it was his 17th birthday yesterday! he's only 1 year younger than me... jussayin.