Friday, March 11, 2011

"we'll never fredette"

last saturday, i was a part of something amazing:
the last byu basketball home game.
(of byu's best basketball season ever)
it was incredible.
people camped for days- tents went nearly all the way around the marriott center
the atmosphere was indescribable
byu brought breakfast to all those waiting in line early saturday morning
senior videos for jimmer fredette, jackson emery, and logan magnusson + "drop the sheets" introduction
face paint
insane student section
many-a "you got jimmered" (and other) chants
massive student section flash mob dance (during a random time out)
lots of emotion (i almost cried when they took out jimmer and jackson at the end)
we killed wyoming with 100+ points...
and won the mountain west conference
confetti everywhere
awards, cutting down the net, mwc trophy, speeches, and lots of love all around.

(2 images above borrowed from kara)
(yes, they let brandon davies participate! the crowd showed him mad love and cheered just as loud for him as they did for jimmer!)
(you can't even see the upper bowl here! this was possibly one of the coolest things ive ever done.)

good luck in the tournament boys... we you!

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Lauren said...

Totally stalking your blog. Loved going to that game and love you! :)