Wednesday, March 2, 2011

i've got the (bieber) fever.

i used to be a hater.
until i saw never say never 3D director's fan cut edition last night.
(including 40 mins of new material, more star power, and another dimension added in.)
its now safe to say im a bona-fide belieber.
it was really so good.  i never realized how talented and cool and lovable he is!:] i laughed (nearly to tears-- the snoop dog/hair interview?! hilarious), got chills, and kept finding myself smiling stupidly at the screen for no reason.  let's just say its an ultimate feel good movie.

and yes, the end kind of (really) made my day.  let's just say we got into it. 

i'm in love.
p.s. it was his 17th birthday yesterday! he's only 1 year younger than me... jussayin.

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Lauren said...

i could NOT agree more... except i was a fan all along. but seriously, who has a handshake with usher?! i honestly can't get enough and am not ashamed to admit that i will be purchasing the movie promptly when it comes out.