Friday, February 25, 2011


-assuming that just because the sun is out, it is warm. (when you live in Utah, its not.)
-starting a 4 page paper an hour before it's due
-looking in that exact direction at that exact time
-making an appt with a professor at 9 am when i dont have class at all
-phone in back pocket + ice on ground (not a good idea, folks)
-getting so far behind on my physics homework
-doodling in class
-discovering music when you have homework
-keeping your dorm door unlocked
-driving in utah. ever.
-skirt + wind
-sledding next to a river
-boxes of girl scout cookies (thanks, roomie)
-leaving my laundry downstairs for 2 days
-lots of pillows in a dorm room
-not bringing a camera

1 comment:

Brett and Rachel said...

Hehe! LOVE this post!

I want details about sledding next to a river and looking in an exact direction.

I TOLD you that the first time the sun came out the whole quad would be filled with people playing frisbee and lying out, even though it's still 45* outside. Was I right, or was I RIGHT?! Utah sun is NOT warm! :)