Wednesday, February 9, 2011

don't mess with The Jimmer.

in case you haven't heard, The Jimmer is kind of a big deal.
especially around provo.
& apparently some people don't like that very much...
case in point: michelle peralta.
she wrote an angry letter to BYU about "Jimmer-worship" and posted about it on her (public) facebook profile... which was a mistake.
within 1/2 an hour, nearly 1000 comments had been posted on her wall.
all of which are hilarious and worth the time to read.
this has been covered by ESPN, NBC, and basically every other news and church organization.
she ended up blocking and eventually deleting her facebook profile.
read the whole thing here.

a little taste of the comments (most of which follow michelle's "religious" theme):

  • “For God so loved the world, he gave us Jimmer.”
  • “I noticed in your letter that you accidentally forgot to capitalize some of your pronouns when you referred to The Jimmer. I am sure He doesn’t appreciate that.”
  • “Whoever said ‘No one is perfect,’ obviously never met The Jimmer."
  • “Though shalt love The Jimmer as thyself.”
  • “Wow. Glad I finally finished reading this article. Now I can brush my teeth, pray to Jimmer, and go to bed.”
  • “On the Marriott Center court. The Jimmer brought a dying lamb back to life, just by nuzzling it. As the onlookers gathered, the lamb sprang to life. The Jimmer then shot it through the netfrom 40 feet, instantly killing it. This was just to prove that the good Jimmer giveth, and the good Jimmer taketh away.”
  • “One time, the BYU Basketball team was walking on the beach and they looked back and only saw one set of footprints.”
  • "If Jimmer is Nephi that makes Tre’von Willis Laban.”
  • "I'm trying to be like Jimmer, I'm shooting from 30 feet away. I'm trying to cross over people like Jimmer does, to punks like Tre'von and DJ Gay. At times I am tempted to cheer for the yewts, then the holy Jimmer whispers into my thoughts saying "love one and other except for the yew. Try to score 50 in all that you do. Be humble but cutthroat in deed and in thought." For these are the things Jimmer taught."
  • "Chuck Norris wears Jimmer pajamas"
  • "Who can find the Jimmer? For his price is far above rubies."
  • "the three nephites who chose to never die chose that only so they could watch jimmer play."
  • "jimmer stared at the sun. the sun blinked."
  • "for the natural Michelle is an enemy to Jimmer, unless she yields to the enticings of the Holy Jimmer, and putteth off the molly mormon and becometh a fan through the power of The Jimmer"
  • "Champions eat Wheaties for breakfast.  Jimmer Fredette eats champions for breakfast."
... and they go on and on and on.
i think that maybe Shawn Bradley, Chad Lewis, and LaVell Edwards said it best in their video:

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