Saturday, March 19, 2011

new hobby?

do you have any idea how legit last night was?
probably not.
because we went paintballing.
we were supposed to go with a big group, but everyone else ditched out... we went anyway.

i'm not gonna lie, when we showed up at paintball addicts in salt lake, i was somewhat terrified.
it was in a sketchy warehouse amidst loading docks on dark backroad...
not to mention the fact that everyone else there was super hardcore and looked about like this:

yes, i am talking body armor, extra canisters of paintballs, full body uniforms, laser pointers... you name it.
(dont worry, we were wearing baggy sweats and old jeans from DI)

but, once we got going, it was so much fun.
talk about an adrenaline rush!
plus, i discovered that i'm actually a pretty good shot:]

i may be covered in bruises and welts, but it was beyond worth it...
be jealous.
anyone wanna go?:]

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