Monday, March 14, 2011

here comes the sun

let's be honest...
its super cruel of byu not to give us a spring break.

i know, i know. we get out in the middle of april.
but i'd be very much okay {read: happy} with getting out in the end of april, if we had a spring break.
everyone's traveling to warm, beachy places like california and mexico, and we're stuck in provo.

although(unlike byu), provo's been kind lately.
i think utah knows that byu is being quite rude to its students, and is trying hard to make up for it.
the weather here has changed from cold and snowy to warm and sun-shiney.
the high tomorrow is even 59 degrees!
...and 59 basically means 60, which is practically 65, which is only 10 away from 75, which is kinda warm!

tomorrow, i think i'll take a lovely little nap in the grass and soak up some sun.
yes, that sounds lovely.
(i just decided.)
i can't wait for summer. 

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Brett and Rachel said...

Are you kidding me?! 59 is NOT, and never will be, warm! Yesterday it got to 90*. That is warm! :)

BTW, I cannot even begin to describe how incredibly jealous I am about your flash mob experience. That is so on my bucket list.