Sunday, March 27, 2011

color color color

80s nightthis thing (festival of colors) = 1 very colorful, extremely fun weekend

sorry if this post is a little picture heavy, but let's just say no amount of pictures can accurately describe how awesome the festival was.
oh, and guess what else?
i went crowdsurfing.
do you know that crowdsurfing is {was} on my list of things to do before i died?
heck. yeah.
(how we looked by the time we got there)

(before we had even opened our chalk...)
(getting chalkier...)
(before i lost my shoe crowdsurfing)
(after the throwing)
(dont ask me how, but i had a full rainbow in my hair. red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.)

despite the fact that large chunks of my hair are still purple, my nails are pink, i inhaled a ridiculous amount of chalk, and i ruined a set of clothing, i'll definitely be back for holi krishna next year!

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