Friday, April 1, 2011

awkward turtle

you know what i realized?
sometimes i am kind of an awkward person.
mainly just when i receive a compliment.
it usually goes something like this:

Random Person: "Hey, you look really cute today!"
Me: *makes an ugly face to counter the compliment*
Random Person: *awkward laugh*...
Random Person: "I really like that shirt!"
Me:  "Uh... er.... thanks....... i like yours too?"
Random Person: "Ya...."
Random Person: "I love your hair!"
Me: "Oh, really?  Thanks, I guess... I actually just rolled out of bed and hardly touched it...." (or divulges too much information in another way)
Random Person: "Oh... nevermind then?"
Both: *awkward laughter*

ya. super awkward right?
its just the only way to describe it.
so anyway, if anyone has great advice for me on how to take a compliment, let me know.
'cause let's be honest, i could use it:]


Hales said...

Hahaha, I do the exact same thing! I always get so awkward and dont know what to say!

Amy said...

story of my life haha