Friday, April 15, 2011

ive got a fever and the only prescription is...

    spring fe·ver
    1. A feeling of restlessness and excitement felt at the beginning of spring
    2. Wanting the present to become summer
    3. Slacking off in school because the year is almost over
    4. Wanting to be outside everyday, rather than inside

its official, guys.
i have diagnosed myself with spring fever.
and i've got it bad.

all i can think about is being back in warm, sunny AZ, getting tan, and leaving the snow.
{seriously, utah, i'm getting really sick of freak snowstorms in april.}
luckily, i have 2 more finals and then i'm done for the year!

in other fascinating news, i've decided that i have a favorite hairdo updo for the season.

i like to call it the "messy bun on top of my head with natural curls."  i know i'm not very original, but i'm pretty sure ive perfected it.

the best part? it takes about 2 mins (if that) to do and stays perfect allll day.
woo-hoo for low maintenance hair!

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