Thursday, April 21, 2011


i will miss it.
last wednesday night was our last night there, and we decided to leave a little scavenger hunt hidden around our room for the next people that live there.
(we will send them a letter telling them where the first clue is.) 
this very blog post is part of the scavenger hunt-- we wrote the url for it on the clue.

to the future occupants of 1108:

here are the pictures.  the people who lived in 1108 before us were our friends stephanie and mccall, and this is the picture they took there the last week they lived in it:
we worked very hard to re-create this picture on our last night there. here's our interpretation:
sorry we both kinda look like major creeps. (i promise we're not.)
hopefully, one of you has blonde curly hair and the other has straight burnette hair so you can re-create this too!

as far as your next clue:
look in places similar to the last clue- you may have to get down and dirty again.
p.s. try the third one.

hope you guys have a fantastic year in 1108 and you love it as much as we did!
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Angela said...

Dear future 1108ers: Please be nice to our room! We loved him & know you will too.

Marissa Anne said...

This makes me so happy. I wish I was as cool as you guys and did this to my old dorm...