Tuesday, May 3, 2011


"when one door closes, another door opens..."
there have been so many closed doors lately.  many i have closed myself, but others have slid closed without any warning.

i'm leaving BYU.  i dont think ive ever actually written that on here-- i'm not going back there next year.
...maybe its just the "freshman year experience."  maybe its just the dorms and the huge, beautiful campus.  i think it could be the extreme school spirit- that feeling at the basketball, football, and volleyball games.  its definitely the people i met, and even the people i didn't meet.  it might be the seasons (winter sucked, but spring was cool), or the college-town feeling, or even the professors.
whatever it is about BYU, im really going to miss it.

for a long time, i didn't know where i was going.  more doors closed.
but now, some have opened.

i'm going to an ultrasound school in phoenix- back in the valley of the sun.
back where i can watch my little nephew weston grow up, where i can visit my parents, where i can stay tan and blonde, where the drivers dont annoy the heck out of me, where it doesn't snow, (where it doesnt even get cold,) where i am familiar with my surroundings, where i am home.

(ive been saying this lately. i dont know why... and yes, i know its weird.)

so here's to new beginnings, open doors, and the unknown.

new town.
new school.
new friends.
new scene.
new boys.
new life.


Lauren Smith said...

Taylor, you're great. I miss you. And so does BYU, and all its BYU-ness.

Brittany said...

Aaa! What a big decision. Provo will miss you, but I'm excited for you. Fresh starts can be so wonderful.