Sunday, May 29, 2011

one year older and one year...

so yesterday was my birthday.
woo hoo!
19 feels so old.

if i had to sum up my bday in 2 words, it would be
nothing worked.

i couldnt skydive because it was too windy,
nothing was planned,
we got lost in the desert,
i missed every shooting star,
i spent about 50% of the day in the car,
and the waitress didnt even bring a candle.

i am skydiving tomorrow.
(and now more people are joining me!)
the car rides were spent with family and close friends.
i took a lovely nap.
dinner was delicious.
dessert was even better.
i am one year older,
with a fantastic year ahead of me.
and i still had a happy birthday.

in the wise words of all time low,
maybe its not my weekend, but its gonna be my year.

here's to a new {birthday} year, and all new adventures.
i cant wait.

1 comment:

Brett and Rachel said...

Ooo, I LOVE this post!
Can't wait to see your skydiving post. :)