Thursday, June 2, 2011

falling through the SKY

{this song was stuck in my head the whole day. please, for the sake of fully enjoying these pictures, appreciating my experience, and utilizing as many senses as possible, play it as you read.}

so for my 19th birthday, my family, angela, and i journeyed to eloy, arizona and went skydiving at skydive arizona.
{take 2}

you guys...  it was amazing.
it was the first thing on my bucket list, i've wanted to go since i can remember, and it totally lived up to my expectations!
watching the people fall out of the plane, seeing them instantly disappear, standing on the edge of the door, jumping away from the plane, free falling through the sky... all of it was incredible.

after the day was over and all was done, i had just one thing left to say:

when can i go again?!


Hales said...

THIS LOOKS AMAZING! I am going two weeks from tomorrow and I am sooo excitedd!!!

Eden said...

Taylor! This all looks fabulous. Sounds like a wonderful 19th birthday!