Sunday, June 26, 2011

one year anniversary!

london london london.
i've been thinking about it so much lately.
(i always do, but thats beside the point.)

most often, its the little things in life that remind me of my last summer:
its mcdonalds, where i made countless skype calls, advertising free wi-fi.
its eating chocolate, and being disappointed because its just not as good!
its things like magnum bars, which are new to america. {check them out, please.}
its singing hymns in church, but in the wrong tempo.

lately though, its bigger things, like angela starting her own study abroad, wimbledon happening again (check this out. best day ever!), the royal wedding taking place just a few blocks from my former home, and my adventure starting just over a year ago. crazy, right?

not only can i not believe its been a year since then, but i have difficulty believing it happened at all:
that i was so lucky to get in to the program, that i had such an amazing experience, that i saw every famous piece of art and met every incredible person and hiked through the lake district and stayed in small towns and traveled france and lived in such an amazing city.
...a city which allowed me to study in hyde park, to hang out in trafalgar square, to love the locals, to ride the tube everywhere, to eat amazingggg food (giraffe, nandos, gelato mio, frog&/orfrae), to see a ridiculous number of shows, to wander the streets alone, and to fall in love.

...with the city.
jeez, guys.

p.s. i sorta maybe feel a little tiny bad that you have to keep reading about this. im not sure it'll stop anytime soon though, because there are just so many memoriesbut you can stop reading for now.

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Kylee said...

dang, that DOESN't feel like a year ago! I still need to do a study abroad. jealous!

i miss you!