Saturday, July 2, 2011

phoenix... say what?!

UPDATE: i just realized how awkward this post is... sorry about that.

so here is a rundown of my last 48 hours or so:

1. chillin: "i dont even have very much to do..."
2. stressed to the max: a few hours later... "ohmygoshhh i have SO much to do!"
3. tired: 4 hours of sleep and several hours of moving things later...
4. happy:  "i'm here i'm here i'm here!!!"

moral of the story:
i moved to phoenix. i live in an apartment. it is the cutest thing in the world.
i live with a life-long friend. we love it.

thats all.
(pictures to come.)

p.s. yes i did just take those in my apartment complex's internet cafe... and there are other people in here. its fine.

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Hales said...

Ahh this is so exciting! I want to see picturesss asap! (jealous). ugh.