Monday, April 18, 2011

april showers, may flowers, and being done with finals!

despite the damp sidewalks and shallow puddles, even the plants seemed happy as i walked back to my dorm today.  the flowers {yellows, oranges, pinks, and whites} which cover the trees here shined brighter than normal against the darkened sky of a rainy monday, and they cheered for me, and with me.  
have i ever mentioned how beautiful the spring flowers are?

they cheered because i'm done, done, done with my finals, and i was making my last walk back from the testing center.  they cheered for me because i finished early, and i may have even gotten an a in physics.  they were loving the fact that my hair was curled, my mascara fresh, and my clothes summery, even during a dismal finals week. they were jealous of the fact that soon i'll be back in arizona, where even the rainy mondays are warm, and every tree has leaves.  they cheered for my flip flops, bright cardigan, and happy face amongst all the somber college students i passed.

i cheered too.

on another thought, this post needed a picture.  this is in the hall of mirrors in the palace of versailles near paris, france.
the first thing we did?  take a "myspace" picture in the mirror.
obviously, we are very mature.


Gabriela Martinez said...

love this! also, I love that I have a blog now, so we can be blog buddies :)

LauraLyn said...
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Brett and Rachel said...

WHOO-RAW!!!! AZ sunshine, here you come!