Wednesday, August 31, 2011

restless-- in more ways than one.

blah blah blogging.
you know what?!
i feel slightly guilty when i don't blog... which is funny, because, while i like to tell myself that a precious few people do read this blog, i can also be honest, and say that i do it essentially for personal (and probably narcissistic) reasons.

-so left out of the Y-club.. wahhhhh.
-awkward moments=the best moments or awkward moments=the worst moments.
-loved "the busiest time of my life."
-the curse of having a writer's mind. {2:06 am?!}
-handwritten letters with an old friend.
-longing for the simplicity of a big city.
-sometimes... q33zxcmjhiygtf74d5dxfgvbikomojhgv
-perfecting my doodling (and "tattooing") skills.
-craving intellectualism.
-incredibly sick of the radio...
-any suggestions for amazing, new music?
-a long day in a library, or a walk in the park-- either will do.
-does anyone have a mango i can eat?
-must. go. to. neon. trees. concert. saturday. {anyone wanna join?... no, seriously.}

(sorry for the annoyingly long list... see #4)


Kylee said...

K I'm two weeks behind PLL! Dumb school and 2 jobs will do that to ya.

I'm sick of the radio toooooo! listen to birthday dress :) I posted it on my blog. soo good!

And, come to Yogurtland in provo & you get all the mangos you want :)

lauren said...

a couple things: i also LOVE pretty little liars! totally addicted!

and there's not much that is simple about a big city... grocery shopping? laundry? getting around? not simple. not that i don't still love it!!

Brett and Rachel said...

You KNOW I wanna join for Neon Trees. Bad!! If only it were another weekend. :( I guess i just wanted to go to Flagstaff more. Boo hoo!