Monday, September 5, 2011

i've been to my fair share of concerts but...

{photo courtesy of anonymous friend's ipone. thanks!}

...but this one was awesome.
remember how my last post ended with me, desperately wanting to go to the neon trees concert?
well i went and it was sooo superfantastic.
{let me just rant for a minute here.}

first off- the music was incredible, the band was entertaining, and they played PYT (yes, the mj song.)
we were in the second row.
i was practically serenaded by the lead singer (he literally pointed me out, its cool.)
me and my friend (who, for a rather complicated reason, must remain anonymous at this time) both got setlists at the end of the show, and i got a drumstick!
and then, to top it off....
we went to in-n-out after the show, and 2 members of the band showed up!
then they sat right behind us. the conversation went kind of like this:

my anonymous friend: hey, great show tonight!
bass player (branden): thanks! you were there?!
                                     *looks at me*
                                      oh, wait... i recognize you! you were doing some insane dancing!!
me: ....uhh thanks?

hahahahahaha. i wasn't sure whether to be flattered or just reallllly embarrassed.  (i think i was/am much more of the latter.)
anyway. if you didn't know, they are mormon and from provo, so we ended up just talking to this guy (dont worry, he's totally married and not sketchy) for a while, and it was really cool! the lead singer may have ignored us a little, but "he was probably just having a bad day, right?"

but wait... there's more!
then, we even got invited to a "secret show"... not kidding!  i've always wanted to go to one.
although, he did say it was for "family & friends," so it might be a little awkward when we are rocking out with their siblings & parents & bffs from high school, but its fiiiiine.
so yeah, hopefully that works out and we can go!

moral of the story: it was a fantastic night and the world was good.

p.s. coolest fact ever: the drummer was valedictorian of her class at byu. and she missed graduation for a gig. tell me youre not jealous? i am.

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Brett and Rachel said...

one word. jealous. i should have been the person next to you, instead of the "anonymous" friend. :(