Thursday, September 8, 2011

a nighttime story.

NOTE: this was actually the second blog post I ever wrote, about a year ago... however, it never got posted.  i just saw it again, and had to post it for memories' sake.

"at least we know nate... because if we didn't, that would be straight awkward." (direct quote.)
and you can only imagine how awkward it was: when we walked in the front door, recognized no one, and asked where nate was... only to learn that we were talking to him.

recap: the real nate smith (who we actually know) thought it would be funny to mass text a forward about a different nate smith's (who we really dont didn't know) housewarming party... and we went.

we were trapped for about an hour-- cornered by stereotypical "byu types," who assured us that "it doesn't matter you don't know anyone here! you can meet new people!," and confessed to us that "i recognize you from facebook stalking you!," and literally forced us to play ping-pong and eat pizza.
finally, we escaped.

the best part? the icing on the cake?
the fake nate smith, whose house party we accidentally crashed, is now in our institute class (which started 2 days later.)

aren't super awkward things just the best?!
anyway. today (yesterday, technically) was this kids bday. miss him!

...thats all.

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Kylee said...

hahaha yes! SO glad you posted this. Totally remember that! so gooood :)