Sunday, October 9, 2011

epiphanies. work. & the world is doomed.

caution: this post is trying to explain things in my head. sooo chances are, it might get wordy. because let's be honest, it takes some serious explanation to understand my thoughts. luckily, (i, at least, think that) my thoughts are entertaining.

thought 1
obviously, i'm not old enough to write this post, because i'm about to say something terribly cliche.
but sometimes i like to break rules, so i'll say it anyway: the world is moving too fast.
it's okay that i said that though, because i mean it differently. the world literally spins too fast!
no, i kid. 
buttttttt. what i mean to say is that i miss human interaction. weird? yes. let me explain.
scenario 1: usually, when i go to the bank, i use the atm. it's fast and easy and whatnot. but, due to some unfortunate circumstances, i had to actually go inside the bank and talk to real people the other day. terrible, right? 
you would think so. but, you know what? i spent like 20 minutes exchanging life stories with some old guy while he helped me, and it was fun. and he said i was the "real deal" when i was left. cool, right? and i now have some inside jokes with the security guy at the bank. (not that he'd remember me, but let's just pretend.) it was pretty much the best-case-scenario for a crappy bank trip ever.
situation 2: alone in a parking garage. two guys walking. we obviously see each other. and we obviously ignore each other. they go down the ramp. one waves over the top of the ramp. (they are now out of sight, but know i can see their hand.) i yell "hi!" and we have a nice little i-cant-see-you-but-who-cares yelling/laughing conversation in an empty parking garage. sooo superfantastic. put a big ol' smile on my face.
moral of the story: people are generally nice. and funny. and not rapists. and we should all stop using atms instead of people and ignoring each other. and we should all start talking again, because it makes the world happier.

thought 2: 
so i work at f21. if you didn't already know. 
and you know what? people {aka: shoppers} can be oh so rude.
it's not a big deal really, but do you know how. much. easier. my life would be if people would just put things back?
meaning: put clothing back on the rack instead of throwing it on the ground? or even better: ditching the hanger, taking it across the store, and leaving it in a big old heap of other clothing on the ground?
granted: i too have done these things. and its not a big deal when only a couple people do these things. in fact, people doing these things gives me a job.
but seriously, seriously, things would just be so much easier if everyone would just do their little part. it is so, so, so much easier for the masses to avoid creating a mess than for the minority to clean it up.
.........then again, isn't this how everything in the world works?
i mean, think of environmentalists. how many times have you heard al gore and his croonies say:
"everyone do your part." "cleaning up is harder than prevention." what does this all mean? was this a life-changing epipany? am i going to become a tree hugger hippy now?

............nah. because you know what? the world is going to end soon(ish) anyway. really, if we only had to clean f21 every billion years or whatever, i couldn't care less what people did with their clothes. because the store would most likely go out of business before then anyway.
sorry, al. 
i'm still not with you. 
although i guess i understand you better now?
i digress from my ridiculous ranting and rhetorical questions and colons and choppy sentences. apparently thats how i think? 
i can form real sentences, if i try.
also, for future reference, i'm not really that bitter about my job. but i got off work at about 11:30 and i'm tired. so it's okay.
but i guess the moral is just try and be kind when you shop? i dont know. i make no sense.

hey guys, do us all a favor?
never again give me a large caffeinated drink, time to think, and a laptop to type on.

hahahhahahaha. i just decided to look for a picture for this post. its too wordy, ya know? i found this:
there's never anything wrong with some good, old-fashioned irony.

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Kylee said...

I miss you! FINALLY you blog like a year later. I know the feeling of working retail. People are just hard to deal with sometimes! It's even like that at Yogurtland! You wonder how? I don't even know but somehow they manage to still be plenty rude a lot of the time. But i love your atm and parking garage story. I always have similar experiences and wish more people were open and outgoing! MAkes the world a more friendly place don't ya think? :)