Wednesday, October 12, 2011

one down, five to go.

i had a week off of school.

so {of course} i traveled to the mecca of young mormons: provo.
it was a week well spent with friends and family brother.

highlights include:
-throwing mashed potatoes.
-getting way too into super mario brothers 3 (supernintendo style.)
-jersey sunday, every sunday.
-80's night. 'nuff said.
-dancing in parking lots
-grocery shopping at 2 am (you gotta do what you gotta do.)
and obviously we partied hard. all week.
oh wait... except for the two days that i was throwing up. cool.

...but besides that, it was a superfantastic trip all around.
remind me why i left there?

errr... just ignore the ginormous fingers in this picture. some people don't know how to use a camera.
and the fact that i look nasty in both this pictures. whatever.

also, just fyi, i started a tumblr.
if you dont know what that is (cough cough parents), it's basically a blog of just pictures that you like.
hello tumblr, goodbye life.
anyway, check out my new alias and new obsession here.

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