Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So BYU is awesome.
But here's a funny little quirk of the place:
rape whistles.

The first day we got here, they gave all the freshman girls these little hot pink "women's services" whistles.  (aka: rape whistles.)
The paper that came with the whistle lists concerns like:  homesickness, roommate problems, changes in weight, nutrition concerns, not getting enough sleep, feeling too overloaded, and needing someone to talk to. 
Apparently, if you need help with anything at BYU, all you have to do is blow your whistle and people will come running.  
The problem is that the whistles are kind of a big joke.

For example:
They make people talk about rape all the time.
All of the boys now have stolen rape whistles (and carry them on their keys.)
The girls are constantly asked if we have our rape whistles on us (an answer of "no" usually results in a super creepy comment of some kind.)
They have three holes (pitches) on them, so people play songs like Mary Had a Little Lamb and Hot Cross Buns.
Nobody even cares when you blow the whistles.
If, by chance, I was being raped, that the last thing I would do is search out my keys and blow a stupid pink whistle.

BYU is a great place.

Funs things that have happened lately:
A trip to Mona (a place with a giant rope swing into a lake)
including the boys causing a cow stampede
Riding down hills in a shopping cart 
(apparently when theres nothing else to do, you resort to dumb things like this.)
girls in my hall/coolest girls ever:
Jessica, Angela, Me, Brooke,
Don't worry mom, we were safe:]

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