Friday, October 15, 2010

Bleedin' Blue

Last week at BYU was
homecoming week!
(which in college is actually fun!)
I've never felt so school spirited in my life.
Tuesday night, we went to "hike and light the Y".
So basically, we hiked to the Y on the mountain and were there when it lit up

 (I actually screwed in one of the lightbulbs!)

Thursday, we went to True Blue Football!
Imagine tons of blue foam, slip-n-slides, volleyball, etc.
BYU rocks.
one of my contacts even got dyed:]
Friday, I went a super fun date laser tagging, and guess what?
I wasn't terrible at it!!
I got 4th out of 12!
Top girl and beat three boys:]
This may not seem like a big deal to you, but considering the first time I went laser tagging, I got about -10000 points, it means a lot to me!!
Saturday, we went to Homecoming...
paint party edition!
(I guess this is what happens when you let a boy do your face paint)
Other fun happenings:
Girls night with cute coats!
water balloons... enough said.
General Conference with the big brother...
this is the one picture we took.
I think its pretty descriptive of us.
 "Horses for healing"
We get to go play with horses and special needs kids!
We love it.
Except for the shoveling poop, cleaning stalls, and other heavy labor.
It wasn't really what we expected, but what is?

PS.  It's cold here. 
There's already snow on the mountain peaks.

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