Friday, November 11, 2011

heres to the ones.

theres something enchanting to me about traveling.
i can't tell you how often i dream of the places i want to go-- ancient, sophisticated, colorful, and wild places on every side of the globe.

but as much as i long to visit, and even live in, other countries, there will never be any i love more than that which i currently inhabit.
"i'm proud to be an american" came on the radio as i was driving today, and i'm not at all embarrassed to say i blasted it and sung my little heart out.
america is special,
and so are the people who work and fight every day to keep it safe.
to them: thank you, thank you, thank you.
we cannot thank you enough.

happy veterans day.

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Lauren Smith said...

I love this, and I totally agree. America truly is a beautiful country.

Also, I miss you. Hope everything's going well for you.