Saturday, January 22, 2011

2 things that i love?

firefighters & free stuff!
(the reasons why my last couple days have been super cool.)

wednesday night, the fire alarm in Hinckley Hall went off (good work, girls having a hairspray fight).  my awesome friends and i decided to do the most logical thing in that situation... break back into the building (after we evacuated), grab money/coats, and go to Costa Vida.

however, we soon realized that fire alarm=firefighters, so we hung around and got pictures with the guys and trucks that saved our building. 
(and hit up Costa Vida after)

thursday was the housing fair, and one thing that i've learned at BYU is that fairs guarantee free stuff.
so, some friends and i went twice. our spoils include:
(two t-shirts, two pens, a new kind of vitaminwater, & a manicure.  not pictured: popcorn, gelato, and countless pamphlets)

oh, what an exciting life i live!

1 comment:

Brett and Rachel said...

Ahh...firefighters! I would make those hairspray fights a weekly occurance just to keep them coming back. :)
Remember when mom would set off the fire alarm on a weekly basis from all her paint fumes and we were convinced it was just to get the firefighters to come. Those were the days!