Tuesday, January 18, 2011

cool people

last week, condoleezza rice spoke at byu.  i never realized how much i like her until then! she was really funny, really inspiring, and really interesting to listen to.  i am pretty sure that i want to be exactly like her. 
oh, and i want to be an ambassador or something too.
(yes, i may have stolen this from someone's facebook)

another woman i just think is really cool is megyn kelly.  she is an anchorwoman for fox news, ridiculously smart, funny, and super beautiful.  i want to be like her too.
(unfortunately, i have yet to see/meet her)

can you think of any way to be the national security advisor/secretary of state and a successful news anchor?
if you do, let me know.

oh, and i also met a little someone known as jimmer fredette over the weekend.  he's basically king of byu, going to be an nba star, and is super nice.  i may be in love.
(also in this picture: charles abouo, brenda strong, and jessica campbell)

don't jimmer and i make a cute couple? :]

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