Friday, July 16, 2010

Home sweet home!

Well, I just got back from France and it was absolutely ahhhmazing! 

We spent 3 (late) nights in Paris and 1 night in Ameins (which is an adorable little city that hosts "La Cathedrale Notre Dame").  Nothing can be cooler than the City of Lights-- especially over Bastille Day, France's Independence Day!  I have to say, though, it feels so good to be back at "home" (that's really what it feels like here) in London at the Centre.

Details and pictures will come tomorrow, but I made it home safe and sound, and France was completely awesome!  I am constantly having to remind myself that everything I am seeing and doing is real... it sounds weird, but it's hard to believe! 

I have a midterm and a lot to do tomorrow, so I am off to bed for now.  Goodnight!

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