Wednesday, July 20, 2011

facebook love?

sooo i was facebook stalking myself earlier.
((everyone does it))
and you know what i realized?
honestly. dont get me wrong, i've always known it.
but... seriously.

my life is just perfectly... me
and perfect for me, and perfect to me.

granted, it has its ups and downs, its what-ifs and whys. there are {a few} regrets and {many} imperfections, but i have those things too.

...all of it makes me wonder:
do you make your life?
does your life make you?
all of those stupid adventures, bouts of laughter, silly nights, pointless road trips, hilarious mishaps-- why did they happen to me, and why did they happen so perfectly?

whatever the reason, its worked out. 

(this ^ ones for you only, ang. bahahaha)


Kylee said...

i know, seems dramatic but it really did make me sad to think it's done! I've been growing up with the characters and now it's OVERR. weird.

Love the pics. you & ang are the best. Miss you two! :)

Lauren Smith said...

Taylor, your life IS awesome.
And I kinda miss you.
Just sayin.
I hope our paths cross again someday.

Angela said...

I'm a bad friend and haven't blogstalked in a while (study abroad, gimme a break) but I just laughed out loud @ the Orpheum pic. Also, I am at work and my coworker looked at me funny. Ahh, how I will miss you when I have to go back to Provo wifout chew. :(